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Global Taste, Local Origin

Varion Sukses Makmur

Varion Coffee is enthusiastic about participating in the Indonesian arabica coffee market by sourcing from local sources to match global taste from high-quality coffees in Indonesia's distinct areas, backed up by credible traceability data.

Varion Coffee envisioned creating a farming community and a sustainable business for the local farmers.

We want to deliver you the finest Indonesian-origin coffee you've ever tasted.

Varion Coffee



Our sourcing is coming from the region which produces the best Arabica coffee in Indonesia. The regions mentioned are West Java, North Sumatra, and Aceh.

Our network of farmers in 3 regions is growing from 500 farmers to 5.000 farmers and keeps counting. By working with partners such as Emurgo and Farmer Connect Varion Coffee also promotes traceability practices in sourcing



The coffee-processing method utilized in the company is the wet-hulled process. 


The best coffee is often found in the high elevation area. Gloomy weather, humidity, and lack of sun are natural reasons why wet hulled is Indonesia's best processing method. By using this method, processors do not have to wait until parchment fully dried, instead hulling them in a semi-wet stage.


Being the second most commonly traded commodity in the world with more than 2.25 billion cups consumed daily, coffee trails only as a source of foreign exchange to developing countries.


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Coffee Origin

Varion Coffee offers a wide range of Indonesian Arabica coffee.

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